Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 046

Elfim Repin, the father of Ilya Repin.


caricaturas said...

Hey Rob, these old figures are always great to draw. Nicely done as always. You never replyed me to what materials you use for each of these.


Dan said...

A caricature a day, highly commendable. I can barely manage one a month. And your work is great by the way, I love it!


Roberto Freire / Robolus said...

Hey Nelson, sorry!
I use a Black Polychromos Pencil from Faber Castell and Marker Paper (70 g) from Canson, that´s it. I will do a little Tutorial soon. Bye my friend.

Dan, many thx. I will check your Webside today. :-)

Anonymous said...

Heya Roberto! I check your site every time I use the internet, your drawings got me hooked!
I especially like the way you control value and render hair. I'd like to see those doodles of yours more often, I find them very informative :)
Keep inspiring!

Your loyal fan, Doyle'